Objective: supporting the fast growing solar industry by providing training for young people


The solar energy sector is in full growth in Africa, therefore it is essential to encourage young people to learn all about it so that they can acquire expertise in this field and new technologies. As a commitment to help the solar industry grow, Akon Lighting Africa, with support from Solektra, has set up the first Solar Academy in Africa, which will be equipped with Afritek PCs and solutions.

This Academy will soon be inaugurated in Bamako, Mali and will train talented technicians from all over Africa. Students will be given the opportunity to practically experiment on the ground what they have learnt in theory. Courses will be organized into topical modules, each lasting several weeks.

Solar-Academy-HQThe Solar Academy is keen to set up a pan-African institution to create a robust network of top-level technicians throughout Africa to secure the sustainable growth of the industry.

This year, 100 to 150 students will complete the course and at least one student from every African country. The first course will start in October.

Benefits :

  • Creation of skilled technicians throughout Africa
  • Creation of a robust network of technicians
  • Creation of direct employment
  • Creation of indirect employment