Revolutionize education in Africa by providing access to ICTs


Afritek’s priority is to revolutionize education in Africa by providing access to ICTs. We want to devise an innovative model that provides young Africans with the widest possible opportunities in a world that is connected.

Afritek’s ambition is to provide young Africans with access to information to help them develop professional skills together with entrepreneurial spirit – which are all critical to Africa’s development.

We are deeply committed and our objective is to change the daily lives of the 75 million under 5 year olds that account for 10% of Africa’s young population of under 35 year-olds. We feel it’s essential to focus on young Africans as they have the power to drive Africa’s economic potential long-term.

In addition to actual digital technologies, ICTs must help leverage the activities of young Africans in key sectors such as finance, commerce, transport, agriculture as well as healthcare, regional development and the environment. ICTs are behind the success of well-known African companies such as ShopAfrica53, MTN, or Naspers.

“The availability of services on mobile devices has, for instance, had a beneficial impact in terms of farm productivity, health and safety, access to education for those who were hitherto excluded, continuing training for teachers in rural areas, access to financial services and improving the road infrastructure”


Report on Digital Services for Education in Africa, Agence Française de Développement, Agence universitaire de la Francophonie, Orange & UNESCO, February 2015