Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational IT and PC company founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen that specializes in the development and marketing of operating systems and software.

Microsoft has a global reputation for wanting to democratize access to ICTs throughout the world.  In 2013, Microsoft launched the 4Aftrika initiative designed to stimulate African competitiveness on a global scale.  The objective was to allow young people, entrepreneurs, developers, businessmen and leading figures to actually implement the ideas they had on ways to help their communities, countries, continents or other.

Microsoft was also one of the first firms to emphasize the importance of using ICTs in education.  Today, it runs online training programs such as the Microsoft IT Academy and Teaching with Technology, which allows teachers to incorporate ICTs into their lessons.

“At Microsoft, we believe that all students should have access to the basics like good education. Providing students with access to technology that was beyond their reach is a major step towards obtaining a qualification, employment and a better future.”

Anthony Salcito, Vice-President, Worldwide Education