Objective: Preparing young people to enter the world of work


The Microsoft IT Academy offers a complete IT technology and software training program. It connects students, teachers, employers and local communities using a lifelong training model that focuses on the development of skills in leading edge technologies.

This solution was developed to counter the gap between initial training and workplace requirements by equipping students with the IT skills they need for work environments and by offering trainers the necessary resources to fine-tune their skills.

The Microsoft IT Academy is open to public and private primary and secondary schools, teacher academies, distance education, undergraduate universities, universities or scientific/technology institutions approved by a national government of US Ministry of Education.



  • A highly productive experience, regardless of the device used (telephone, tablet or PC)
  • Better student access to documents and qualified staff
  • A time-saver for trainers, thanks to the program provided
  • Lower costs for the establishment, thanks to the resources provided
  • Possibility to improve your professional skills