Afritek: a renowned partner for African states, institutions and the private sector

Afritek, a subsidiary of the ADS Global Corporation SA diversified Group, is an IT integrator and solutions provider supporting African governments, institutions and the private sector.

We are looking to revolutionize education in Africa by making it easier for students to access information and communication technologies (ICTs). Our objective is to use partnerships and innovative solutions to reduce the digital divide in Africa. We want to help young Africans to fully exploit the potential of the Continent and drive inclusive growth.

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Percentage of Internet users in the population (Source : International Telecommunications Union)

“Education is one of the most powerful instruments for reducing poverty and lays a foundation for sustained economic growth…”

The World Bank website

“Innovation must be an absolute priority both for the authorities and businesses as Africans cannot aspire to a better future without innovation”.

Samba Bathily, CEO & Founder of Solektra Int.